Aircraft repair shops were founded in 1939.


  Initially, aircraft repair shops produced current and preventive repairs of aircraft U-2, PO-2, S-2, YAK-12, PR-5, and m-11 aircraft engines.

  During the war, the workshops mastered the overhaul of PO-2, P-5, PR-5, and aircraft engines M-11, M-17, M-34.

  In 1958, the overhaul of the MI-1 helicopter and AI-14RF aircraft engines exported to Bulgaria, the GDR, Czechoslovakia, and the SAR was mastered. The engines of this series were repaired until 1974.


  From 1959 to the present time the plant is repairing the AN-2.


  In March 1962 the order of the Main Department of Civil Air Fleet under the Council of Ministers of the USSR aircraft repair base was renamed plant No. 406ГВФ, and in may 1964года by order of the Minister CA plant No. 406ГВФ renamed plant No. 406 of civil aviation.

  Since 1974, mi-2 helicopters have been repaired.

  Since 1975, the serial repair of the engine GTE-350 for the MI-2 helicopter.

  Since 1976, the plant carries out repair of main gearboxes VR-2.

  In 2001, mastered the overhaul of engines ASH-62IR for an-2.


  For all types of repair services, the plant received a certificate of conformity issued by the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee.


Information about the company.

 Production area and design capacity of the plant.

 The area of the plant to 370 000 m2, including production space 52 993 m2 .

 The territory of the plant is adjacent to the territory Of the international airport "Aktobe".

The plant has a dirt runway, equipped Parking for aircraft and helicopters, road and rail access roads.

  The plant is completely provided with production and auxiliary areas with placement of workplaces, personnel, the repaired products, the equipment.


  Plant № 406 HA is a leading aircraft repair company for repair of light aircraft, in Kazakhstan, in the CIS and Foreign countries..


  On repair of aircraft engines GTD-350 and the main gear VR-2 plant is a monopolist. Complex repair performed at the plant is very convenient for customers, allows you to get a ready aircraft without turning to other repair companies.